Dial Out Codes

To facilitate outbound caller ID digits and 911 emergency - each campus location has different codes for dialing out. Calls to Montana numbers in the 406 area code can be dialed as 7 digit numbers i.e. 338-1234, 10 digits i.e. 406-338-1234 or 11 digit dialing 1-406-338-1234.

Dial out number Campus Location

9 Admin, BHS, BMS


81 Napi

82 Foods

83 Babb, Bus Garage

84 Maintenance

85 Special Services

88 Child Care/FIT etc. (Annex)

92 Browning Elementary

93 KW Bergan

94 Vina Chattin

95 Buffalo Hide

Some codes are used for multiple locations -the appropriate dial out codes above will work due to phone system configurations/setups.